Friday, March 2, 2012

Recipe Organization

Since starting Paleo I have found that I need a way to better organize my recipes. I don't like to follow recipes from my computer and I actually prefer to use handwritten recipes. I know I am weird huh? When I find a recipe I sit down and write onto an index card. I use the large index cards so that I can fit the ingredients and directions onto one side. A couple weeks ago I found these neat little half size clipboards for my business but picked up an extra one to hold recipes.

When I do my weekly meal plan I put all of the recipes I plan to use (in order of use) on the clipboard and hang it in my kitchen. This method has worked great but until today I was kind of lost as to what to do with the recipes I wasn't using in a week. I am particular about things and want everything to look nice and neat. S teases me because if my grocery list doesn't look nice I will rewrite it!

Today I was determined to find a solution to my recipe problem once and for all. I had been using a sheet protector to hold the recipes but that was filling up. So while at Target today (sidenote: I spend way too much time and money at Target) I found a small three drawer file that I thought would be perfect for what I needed. I divided the recipes into breakfast, lunch/dinner, and sides/snacks/desserts. I think it is going to work perfectly, at least until I get an excessive amount of recipes as I am sure I will.

This is my recipe file. 

This is my clipboard with my recipes for the week. 

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