Thursday, February 23, 2012

GAH! Paleo Fail

Let's just say this week has involved some emotional eating that hasn't been Paleo. Lifestyle changes involve bumps in the road though so rather than beating myself up I am learning from these mistakes and moving on. It seems like when I am running short on time or in different situations then usual I break away from Paleo and eat junk! I think it is important to think about your actions,even if you aren't happy or proud of them to figure out why you did what you did.

I now know that I need to really think about my day and plan my food specifically for busy days otherwise I will hit a drive thru, order pizza,or just eat junk. Understanding why I chose to do what I do really helps me learn from my experiences and improve. Completely changing your diet lifestyle isn't an easy task and I am learning that now. It takes time to adjust. The key for me is making it a daily habit to make the right food choices and rather than just eat junk. Taking the time to make an effort is half the battle.

Meal plans help me a lot but there are still times when I just am not feeling what I had planned. I am finding that too many days of the same leftovers gets old. I need to adjust my meal plans to include fewer meal repeats so that I will be more willing to stick to my plan.

So whatever you are doing to improve your lifestyle just keep pushing even if you have a bad meal, day,or week. Get back at it and soon enough you will have more good meals,days,weeks then bad.

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