Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Check in....

is not going to happen this week! To say I fell off the bandwagon is the understatement of the century. I am so disappointed in myself. I just kept making bad decisions as far as food and even realized it but continued to make the same decisions. I have decided to start over rather than beat myself up further.

I have my meal plan for the week ready to go and already got my groceries for the week. I am going to do prep work for as many of the meals as possible today so that hopefully I can stay on track this week. I am finding when I have things going on that keep us away from home for a good part of the day it seems to ruin the entire day.

This week I am remembering that and trying to plan ahead rather than let my eating lifestyle just go out the window. I think having things ready ahead of time will help and I am going to keep snacks with me at all times so that if and when we get hungry away from home we don't have to hit a drive thru. I know I am way off track for my goals but I know I can get back on track with some hard work and determination.

I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself because I feel like I don't handle my own pressure well. I need to just refocus on my goals and why I am eating Paleo and I know I will find success.

This week I am also going to mix up my workout a bit because I am finding myself in a bit of a rut in that area too. My workout plan includes a Daily Cross Fit Workout of the day, 3 days a week strength training (low reps, high weight), and cardio with some jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, skaters, etc. thrown in. I also plan to start including some swimming into my routine. I feel like I really just need to mix it all up.

I am having a hard time holding myself accountable but I have to get past that because I am really close to my goal and am not ready to give up. I can and will do this. I just need to do what I know I should be doing rather than eating junk because I am too lazy or something to make the right decisions. Here is to a new tomorrow! This isn't a sprint but a marathon and I am in the last leg, now I just need to finish strong!

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